Random Thoughts…

It’s hard to…it’s impossible to write openly on this blog now. To many people read or might read it that I don’t want to. What sucks the most is I can’t write what I want for the people that I want to see it…like for the people that read it today.
I’m in a random mood today so here is a random list…

If anyone can identify the reference to ‘Jane’ I’ll…well we’ll talk when someone actually identity’s the reference…back to the list.

I’m going to start a second blog where I just ramble. The address is pbomers.com/codeword. If you know the codeword you are set.

p.s. Three posts ago I wrote that most people wouldn’t understand my posts for 2008. I wasn’t kidding…see above if you aren’t confused yet. Oh and to confuse you more…wikipedia has all the answers and Google is a good friend of mine.


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