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i’ve got to much to update to make a whole entry about my ipod so i’ll just say this. ipod + windows = sucks…so buy an ibook. 🙂

Friday night a bunch of my friends and i got together and went snowboarding. i haven’t gone is so long and it rocked, I can’t wait to go again. when we got finished we headed off to ihop until 1:00am.

[photopress:patrick1small.jpg,thumb,alignleft] Saturday we celebrated Patrick’s birthday party. It started at our place around 7:30 and we headed down to the BOB after that. There ended up being around 15-20 of us total i think. I’ll let everyone see a couple shots. 🙂 Patrick’s Birthday Photos!

Sunday we slept, ate, slept more, ate…relaxed. It was pretty sweet. At night I caught up with Ashley at Friday’s and we chatted for 5 hours or so…hehe. This post title is dedicated to you ashley. 🙂 Oh ya, I also managed to write a philosophy paper during all that. we’ll see if i actually get a good grade or not…hehe.

Wow, I just described an entire weekend is a bunch of mini paragraphs. Now I just gotta go find a couple photos and we’re set.


  1. Michael w. on December 15, 2005 at 11:12 pm

    Pauly we love you!!! You are forced at some point to come out and visit us in GH. Obviously the winter isn’t as fun but we would love to have you. You and that brown guy and I will have to go out for coffee and talks or something soon. SERIOUSLY!

  2. Ashley on December 16, 2005 at 2:17 am

    I just accidently painted my hands green instead of my dress. At least we picked out a pretty color. We make a great shopping team. And coffee/hot chocolate.

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