to many christmas parties…

well it’s sunday night…almost 10:00pm. it’s been another fantastic weekend. thursday i went out gaudy christmas shopping with ashley for a gaudy christmas party of course. we found some very nice things and ashley showed me some of her cool thrift stores and an awesome ice cream shop.

friday was the gaudy christmas party, which we ended up staying for only a bit and then decided that hanging out in jenna’s warm room was a better idea. james, jenna, ashley, and i ended up spending our entire night just hanging out, talking, and all eating out of the community rice. i couldn’t of picked a better way to spend a friday night. iv’e got a ton of pictures to go through and post, don’t worry guys, they’re coming soon…i promise! the three of you will all have fantastic new photos for myspace….hehe. 🙂

saturday was the 075 christmas party and after sleeping in until 2:00pm, i pretty much got up, showered, picked up my brother, and headed to that christmas party until late. headed home after that and just relaxed the rest of the night.

today i had another family christmas family, this time for my dad’s side of the family. i pretty much did the same as saturday; got up, showered, picked up kevin, and headed to the party. i ended up taking a bunch more photos there which i need to go through. now i’m writing this instead of finishing up the last of my philosphy exam homework because this is more fun. 😉

hopefully tomorrow my exam won’t take to long and i can go though all the photos from this weekend and post them up. i went through them quick on the camera and i’ve got some hilarious ones!


  1. jenna on December 19, 2005 at 12:41 am

    umm….im looking forward to ithe pics.
    ps. nice meeting you the other night!

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