EDIT: i’ll fill everyone in on what i actually did today shorty. 🙂 those were my morning thoughts…hehe.

i’ve come to find out that sometimes my ability to find things on the internet does more harm then good…

in other news i’ve got all next week off which is fantastic. i can’t wait to relax and spend some time doing the things i haven’t been able to do because i’ve been so busy with work.

i could just ramble on forever today, but i’ll reframe from subjecting everyone to it. if you feel the need or want to listen by all means let me know and i’ll talk your ear off.


  1. sarah on December 22, 2005 at 10:20 pm

    hi. I saw your post on kats xanga and followed the link. I agree with “style lies within uniqueness” but i also beleive “There is nothing new under the sun”. Depressing, but what can you do?

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