i :heart: my ibook

i really miss having my ibook. work gave me a windows laptop to use when my battery finally quit holding a charge on my ibook and while i love some of the advantages of having a windows based laptop for work…sometimes it just doesn’t cut it. yesterday was a perfect example… i had a edit some 50mb tiff files for my uncles website. i figured no problem and tried to copy all 600 some mb’s from the cd to my desktop to open in photoshop…well the trouble started there. windows kept getting all mad and freezing up…wouldn’t copy over the files from the cd. so i tried opening one of the files i did manage to copy…5 minutes later photoshop opens and has jumped into “i’m so slow i dare ya to try and do anything” mode.

in comes the ibook. i still have it, but it remains either off or plugged into the wall in my living room for music. so i throw the cd in the ibook and drag all the files to the cd. the ibook copies all the files it can and at the end lets me know that one file on the cd might have been corrupt when buring…thanks for letting me know… i wish windows would have done that.

now this ibook is old… 1/2 the speed of the pc in fact, but you never would have guessed. i drag a 50mb tiff into photoshop and boom, 10 seconds later it’s open and ready to edit. i finished editing the photos and put the ibook back in it’s little living room spot until i can afford either a) a new battery or b) a whole new intel based ibook which actually might be coming out today!

### end rant ### 🙂

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