the weekend in review

well we’re approaching 10:00pm on sunday which means the weekend is pretty much over. what a great weekend though! here’s a quick recap of the weekend.


had a photoshoot with drew at my work. took a ton of funny photos, after that patrick called and invited me out to GVSU to party with him (see previous post).


woke up and eat at perkins with the F7 girls, then helped my dad move some stuff around. took a quick nap before heading out with Karen to see the sunset, we slacked off and missed it though, i still got a couple cool photos though. After that I headed down to my friend peter’s studio to check out a motor swap him and luke were doing to help out nick. by then it was 3:00 so i headed to bed.


nothing to special, spent a good part of the day relaxing and helping my dad move more stuff around the house. cleaned up the room a bit, edited some photos and pretended i didn’t have laundry to do. 🙂

photo time! i’ve only got about 1/2 the photos edited. all of the photos from the party are done and the ones of drew from the photoshoot are done. i’ll get the ones of me, the sunset and motor swap up soon.

right now though, it’s time for some sleep. yay for no school all this week. finishing thoughts of the night???… when are we rocking out at F7 again?

rocking out! rocking out!

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