taking applications…

i’m currently taking applications for a new 4-wire o2 sensor. my current one hates me and has become unreliable so we had to break up. ideally my new o2 sensor would love jumping from 0-1 volts and always be down for late night rips.

applications can be email to paulneedsanewo2sensortolove@pbomers.com


  1. *smirk* on July 14, 2006 at 1:15 pm

    i would apply, but i’m not sure that i’m completely qualified for the position. i don’t hate you, and i can sometimes be down for a late night rip, but i would have to learn about this ‘jumping from 0-1 volts’ issue.

    oh well. i’m not sure kyle would like me applying for a position to be loved by you. 😉

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