6 weird things/habits…

I got tagged by my girlfriend whitney to list 6 weird things/habits about myself so here goes.

  1. I have an OCD for even numbers. most people laugh when I tell them about it, but watch me and you’ll start to notice. I have to do everything in even numbers like the number of bites of food I take, number of sips heineken, how many times I turn a wrench, or even the number of times I kiss someone.
  2. I still pick my nails, I know it’s not cool and I shouldn’t, but I still do… *shrugs*
  3. I have to sleep with a fan on or at the very least it has to be cold in the room so I can have blankets or a sheet on me. you’ll probably find my window open in my bedroom in the winter.
  4. the writing on my LIVE STRONG bracelet has to be facing outward and be centered on the top of my wrist. don’t even ask with that one because I have no idea…
  5. when I get out of the shower and dry off, I have to dry my ears really good. I usually get some toilet paper and make sure they are really dry, it also helps keep wax from building up. 🙂 this doesn’t apply when getting out of a pool, again don’t ask.
  6. most of these are habits so we’ll switch it up a bit. I have two baby teeth and I’m 25. wtf you say?!?!?! well your baby teeth fall out when your big teeth push them out from below, no big teeth below to push = your baby teeth aren’t in a hurry to leave. so I’m still friends with two of mine.

So after writing these 6 weird things/habits out I decided I could probably just keep going with odd things I do, but I’m pretty sure this list of 6 has freaked most of you out enough that you will look at me funny next time you see me.

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