screw you snow!!!

as you can tell i’m not such a big fan of the snow. i’ve learned to like it more over the years. i’ve even picked up snowboarding and i go ice skating once in while, shoot i’ll even go sledding if i can find people to go…but that’s about it for me. cuddling with someone when it’s cold is always fun, but the ironic thing about it is both whitney’s apt and mine are both insanely hot all the time, hers more so then mine…wtf.

i took a bunch of photos of the snow this morning driving in, but i forgot my card reader so you’ll have to wait until tonight to see them.

i have a photography exam tonight that i should be studying for. the nice thing is if i study enough and get done with it on time i should be home way before grey’s anatomy starts.

i’m sure i’ll add more later….

p.s. here is another photo from the set i’m working on of whitney’s apt.


  1. some girl on November 2, 2006 at 9:38 pm

    why wasn’t my top lock locked?!?! you can’t have only one lock..that doesn’t keep the people that throw tire irons through windows out…not even close.

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