grocery shopping

EDIT: i just reread this post and that first paragraph is a pretty long ramble, feel free to skip over it…lol.

so i finally gave in and went grocery shopping tonight. i should of gone with my brother at the beginning of the week, but i wasn’t in the mood. when i go grocery shopping i have a few things i always get like sprouts, orange juice, etc. the first stop is the produce area where i get my sprouts and guess what they are completely out of…sprouts! first of all i didn’t think they were that popular and they usually have SO MANY boxes of them. no worries, i’ll wait a couple days and grab some. so i get a few more things and head over to get my tropicana some pulp orange juice, keyword there is “some pulp,” it’s actually two words but psshhh, it’s my blog and i say it’s one. 🙂 all out! but they have like an over abundance on no pulp…yuck! shopping doesn’t seem so fun at this point so i go grab the remaining things i need and remember i need shampoo. now i know i’m a boy and i should care less about what shampoo i use, but come on…i totally care. and guess what they don’t have… by this point it’s funny and i just head to the check out. some days just go that way.

i did make it to the bookstore today and spent way to much time reading the backs of booking and searching through the photography section. i ended up with another dean koontz book called “intensity.” i’ll let everyone know how it is, if i read this one anywhere near as fast as my last one it’ll be three days tops and i’ll be done.

anybody wondering where the photo post went? well i decided to ramble on forever so the photo post will be up tomorrow which is more fitting considering i have photography class tomorrow and i get my midterm back… lets just hope my next photography assignment isn’t due tomorrow…haha.

last thoughts of the day… stevie van vaughn is an amazing blues guitarist and LOST is on in 7 minutes and i still need to make some food.


  1. super grocery store shopper on November 9, 2006 at 12:06 am

    i just bought sprouts monday night i believe..and you know how quickly they go bad. let me know if you want some.

    and i accidently got some pulp orange juice instead of none..what are the odds.

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