photography midterm

thursday night is photography class this semester for me. we had out midterm last week and i didn’t really study, i’m not really sure why, but i didn’t. i felt pretty good after taking it though and was really curious to see what i got tonight. well…i got a 95%!!! i was so excited!!!

i tried making it through the entire class without eating and i just couldn’t do it, i ended up heading the the candy machine for some sugar. i ended up finding this new candy or should i say combination of candy? they are called “mix-ups” and they are a combination of runts, nerds, and some other candy i can’t remember now…dang. 🙂 they were really good though. i’m sure i’ll wake up in the middle of the night and remember the third candy. i know where you can get runts for 5 cents. i can’t tell ya where though, all i can say is its by the corner of alpine and 4 mile and you gotta be vip to get them. i won’t get you in so don’t ask…hehe. 😉

i did get my fourth assignment in photography class which is awesome. it’s hard to describe so i’ll make a full post about it later, but it’s a story assignment where you tell a story with photos. any ideas on a good story to tell? i want to do something super creative!!!

alright, that’s enough blogging for today, sorry about the lack of photos. i took photos of both my 95% midterm paper and also the “mix-ups” candy. i’ll do my best to post them tomorrow along with all the other missing photos. right now it’s time for food, a little tv and some sleep!


  1. some girl on November 10, 2006 at 12:16 am

    okay first of all..way to go on the midterm. i’m very proud of you.

    second of can get runts there for a penny, but you have to bring your own.

    and third…have you been living under a rock? i think i first had mixups when i was like a senior in high school?..granted, that wasn’t all that long ago..haha.

  2. paul on November 10, 2006 at 10:40 am


    oh ya a penny, not 5 cents. 🙂

    i must be living under a rock cause i’ve never seen them…hehe. they were kinda loud to eat during the movie we watched, but very good.

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