it’s amazing how much one person can motivate another without even trying. take tonight for example….i’ve had my homework done for almost an hour already and it’s only 6:38 now. i usually put it off as long as i can, but now i have my night free for other stuff like ipods and photography. 🙂

i am loving my vegetarian vegetable soup btw and i’m very thankful for my amazing coasters that let me eat in front of my laptop at the kitchen table. it is still a little hot though.

my government teacher was a no show for class today which is pretty much amazing because that means i didn’t have to take my test and i have a couple more days to study for it.

i uploaded the island living photos and also the photos of my brother teaching parking lessons.

not to much else going on. i’ve got a bunch of ideas for my still life photography assignment. thanks to everyone who helped me come up with them. i gotta go shopping for some materials to do the shoot and hopefully it’ll be done soon.


  1. some girl on November 14, 2006 at 1:50 am

    yeah…i totally tried to help get the photos done…maybe next time?

  2. paul on November 14, 2006 at 1:55 am

    hehe i appreciate the help!!! sorry i wasn’t feeling creative, you’ll be getting a call next time i’m feeling creative though. not only did you come up with good ideas, but you are also an incredible sorter. 🙂

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