camera update

well i dropped my camera off at this crazy camera repair shop downtown grand rapids. problem is he’s super busy and hoped he could get to it next week. if it’s going to be longer than a week i will probably pick up a new camera. i just can’t not have a camera, it’s who i am. *shrugs* i do have a temporary camera though, i’ll take a photo of it later. it’s circa 1999 i think and it super old school, but it’s a camera so it’ll have to do. i thought about putting up a donation link to help repair my camera, but decided to wait until i see how much it is, maybe i’ll get lucky and it won’t be to much to fix.

i also came across a bunch of photos that were on a memory card from september 9th. whitney, kevin and i went to our friend michaels wedding and i forgot that i brought my little camera, whitney also took a couple other photos with it that i had forgot about so i’ll try and get those up later.

as for what else i’ve been up to the past couple of days…well… i spent most of yesterday afternoon just hanging out with whitney which was a ton of fun, i even get some good photos before my camera got worse. i’ll post those tonight. after that i ended up renting “the breakup” against the advice of some friends. wtf was i thinking, it was not good at all. i definitely should have listened when they told me it was bad. oh well…

today i got up, dropped my camera off at the repair place, helped my brother with his car and now i’m probably going to take a nap before working on some homework. i don’t want to work on it (when do i ever), but i have so much that it won’t all get done tomorrow.

right now though i really need a nap. i haven’t even done much today, but i just feel drained. i had planned on going out tonight, but that’s out because i need to save my money for the camera repair bill. looks like it’ll be a night of watching movies and editing photos…fun right? want to join and hang out? get ahold of me.


  1. some girl on November 18, 2006 at 10:22 pm

    1) i forgot about the wedding photos..and i have no idea what other random ones i are scaring me.
    2) i hope your camera isn’t too much to fix. not like mine is any good, but like i told you before, you are more than welcome to use either one of my cameras.

    that is all.
    have a wonderful night.

  2. paul on November 19, 2006 at 11:18 am

    1) don’t worry, the photos are all cute.

    2) you camera is really good and i will probably take you up on that offer. thanks!!!

    3) i should of listened to you about that movie, you were right when you said you know more than me…haha. 😉

  3. Matt on November 20, 2006 at 12:38 pm

    I LOVE the breakup! good moovie!

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