research paper

i’m not doing to well of meeting my goal for getting it done today instead of having to work on it sunday. it’s only 6:15pm, but still… i have sweet plans all day tomorrow so i won’t really have time to do it and since the gym closed so early today that i missed going, i guess i should get back to working on it. i would say i’m not going to go out tonight, but everytime i say that i end up at auburn.

here is a photo i took before i went out wednesday night, nothing special, but i dig it.


  1. stuck in pentwater on November 25, 2006 at 6:54 pm

    what does the blue thing on your camera say?

  2. Mourns For You on November 26, 2006 at 12:46 am

    So, I just read all about your disabled d70 that is visiting the Doctor, and, let me just say my friend, I about put on sack cloth and rubbed ashes on my head. I can’t imagine not having my Nikon around and I’m not half as shutter-happy as you are. Shucks.

    So, my advice is a) find yourself a support group or something; people were not meant to cope with this stuff alone,
    b) take some time off from everyday life to think about where you’re going to go from here; after all, you may head in a new direction like a Olympus or a Cannon…
    Wait, scratch that. Bad idea. Forget all of b).
    c) don’t be afraid of looking at potential land plots or urns. After all, acceptance is the first step toward recovery.

    Okay, I’ll see you around. Do write if you need anything.

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