writer’s block

so apparently i have writer’s block or something like it. i haven’t been able to come up with what i think is anything worth writing about for quite some time now. i have however been taking a lot of photos, but you don’t see those either…haha.

that’s because i’ve been so busy between school/exams and work over the past couple of weeks. i can’t wait for december 21st @ 10:00pm…that’s my last class for the semester. i get almost an entire month off from school which is going to be so nice, however i think most of that newly acquired free time will be spent working. i could use the money though so i’m not complaining.

we are doing this awesome thing at work. every tuesday after our usual tuesday morning meeting we are working on our own individual business plan for 2007. i work at a complany that thinks outside the box, way outside the box sometimes actually, but in a good way. it’s hard sometimes to think ahead an entire year and make short term and long term goals. we cover everything from financial, personal and everything inbetween.

i still need to figure out my photography project and i’m running out of time. i’m open to any suggestions….please!!! i just need to tell a story or some sort of a sequence in 4-6 photos. that’s pretty much the only rule. give me your ideas…no matter how weird or random.

tonight a few friends from otsego came up and we all hung out at my apt and shot photos for a few hours. i can’t wait to get the photos from them because they are so funny. i won’t give any hints to spoil them, but they are going to make everyone laugh so hard!

ohhhhhh rob & big is on tomorrow!!! i’m officially obsessed with the show. in case anybody doesn’t know what i’m talking about please see below.

that’s enough for one night, the fact that i’ve got this much written is good enough for me!

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