website updates

over the next few days i’ll be upgrading to a newer version of the software i run this site on so i’m going to apologize now for any downtime. i’ve also got a new script i’ll be putting into place sometime in the next few days that will block certain people from viewing my site, mainly because i’ve got a few people who i don’t need readying me and what i’m up to.

i’m also almost done editing the remaining photos from 2006 before i archive them all. the main ones people haven’t seen yet are two photo shoots i did; one with ajamanda and the other with luciana. both of them have been waiting very patiently for their photos. thanks girls!

i’m also might remove a lot of 2006 photos that i have no interest in. most people won’t notice them being gone.

i’ve got tons of other more interesting updates about school, work and all that good stuff, but those will be saved for another post. i promise they will be much more intersting and photo filled than this boring computer nerd entry.


  1. Patient on January 29, 2007 at 9:34 pm

    Patience is a virtue…sadly though my patience is diminishing! Kidding hope things are going well for you and I can’t wait to see my pictures!!!

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