I leave to head to work today like usual and the left rear of my car sounds kinda funny…like something is dragging. I kinda shrug it off and keep going…my car is getting old and sometime the rear brakes get a bit stuck after sitting when it’s cold out.

Leaving work now it’s pretty obvious some thing’s wrong with my car…it now sounds like someone is using a grinding wheel to shape metal in the rear of my car. That’s when it hits me…Lance had this same problem a couple weeks ago. So I limp home and into the garage to check…sure enough…inside brake pad is pretty much destroyed…see you below.

Luckily my brother is home and we cruise up to Napa to grab some replacement parts…total bill for complete rear brakes….$47.56. I :heart: our discount. So I head home and swap out the left rear rotor and brake pads, but it’s pretty obvious the caliper also needs replacing. I’m gonna slack and do that in the spring if I can because I’ll be putting some different brake parts on for racing at that point.

I cannot thank my Dad enough for teaching me how to fix cars. I can fix ANYTHING on my car including replacing/rebuilding the motor and transmission. I can’t even imagine how much money I save because of that gift. So thanks. 🙂 I’ll leave you with a photo that sums up how I feel about this whole situation…

brake rotor and pads

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