Why Comcast Sucks.

comcast sucks
Comcast sucks…and the worst part is they know it. How am I so sure that they are aware that they suck?…well more on that later, first lets get the story out.

I moved apartments recently and needed to get internet and tv service turned on. At my previous apartment I had Charter and they were great. Amazing customer service along with some of the best pricing made them pretty much the perfect internet/tv provider as far as I was concerned. They even gave my Speed and the Sci-Fi channel for free…mint!

So my first instinct when I moved was to try and either transfer my Charter service or sign up again with my new address. After a phone call to Charter and some investigation we found out that Charter can’t service that area….great, so now what?

Well my buddy Gabe just signed up for AT&T U-verse and since I had recently became at AT&T customer for my new cell phone I thought they might have a deal if I package a few more of their services together. Well AT&T doesn’t currently offer U-verse in my area yet. Can you see where this is heading?

As I’m running out of service providers to call I start thinking…crap…I’m going to end up with Comcast again. So I give Comcast a call last Friday afternoon and talked to a surprisingly nice guy about what services they offered and we even talked about custom DVR’s. He even said I could get Speed and Sci-Fi for no addition charge. I like Speed and the girlfriend likes likes Eureka on Sci-Fi. So anyway, the customer service rep says he’ll ship out my digital box and cable modem ASAP and they should be there my Wednesday at the very latest and that’s when my billing would start.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday come…nothing in the mail… So I give Comcast a call back. They have some story about how this happens sometimes and that I can just go pick up the two boxes from the local Comcast office.

So 7:55AM this morning, there I am, sitting in front of the Comcast office waiting for the doors to open at 8:00AM. The crazy thing is there are three people in front of my waiting in line?….so odd. I go up to the lady behind the one inch thick security glass (paranoid a bit?) and explained what had happened. Instead of trying to help me she starts telling me how I’m lying and they never sent out anything to me and wants my drivers license with my new apartment address. Well I just moved in less than 2 weeks ago AND it’s a temporary apartment since I’m buying a house. So I explain that to her at which point she says, sorry you gotta call Comcast and have them resend out the equipment, I can’t give it to you without proof of address. 1) Thanks comcast rep I called yesterday for forgetting to tell me I needed proof of address. 2) She said “resend”, but she just told me they never sent it…? and 3) If you can see my account which is all setup with address, name, SSN and a work order that a tech came out, WTF do you need proof of address for anymore?

At this point I want to just cancel service, but in the back of my head I keep thinking, then how are you going to get internet at your house, nobody else services the area. So I kindly ask her to stop billing until I can get Comcast to send out the boxes to me since I don’t want to pay for something I can’t even use. She goes off again on some ramble about how she can’t do that and how I have to wait until the first month is done and then submit a request for reimbursement and blah blah blah…I quit listening after that.

So I walk out to my car dialing Comcast’s number and to yell at someone when I see that I left my apartment welcome package in the car. So I run back into the Comcast office with this welcome package which anyone can pickup from the front desk of the office and she takes that as proof of address…seriously!?!? I have a whole account setup in your system and you take a welcome package as proof of address!?!? And she still needed my drivers license for some reason?

So I finally get all the equipment I need and as I turn to walk away. She says, “if that equipment shows up at your house would you drop it off here?” I’m not really sure what to say as she told me it never got sent out, then used the word “resend” and now this question? So I say, “I thought you said it never got sent out?” And she replied with something like, “well just in case ya know…”, with a stupid smile on her face.

Comcast why do you have such horrible customer service? And my reference to them knowing they have such bad customer service comes from my visiting both the Charter and Comcast offices to pickup or drop off equipment. In the Comcast office, employee’s are protected with one inch thick safety glass along with a drop box to transfer stuff through (are we at a high security bank?) and the Charter office was a nice desk with some music going and a couple of ladies that referred to me as “hun” and seemed to actually be enjoying life.

NOTE: I wrote this very quickly as I got into work and I’m sure there are plenty of spelling and grammatical errors that will be corrected later.


  1. Angela on September 5, 2008 at 8:22 am

    BOO TO THAT! Want me to go yell at someone? I’m sorry your morning started out so crappy.

    Screw Comcast. Just get internet through Caviler. We don’t need no stinkin’ TV. We can watch practically any rerun online, at my house or…find plenty of other things to occupy our time 😉

  2. the katmama on October 3, 2008 at 1:43 pm

    you moved??

  3. Luke Rumley on October 24, 2008 at 11:09 pm

    Dude – do you live in Grand Rapids, MI? I have been through the same exact story, and went to the ghetto Comcast office. Thanks for bringing up the painful memories. : – )

  4. sylvia on October 3, 2012 at 1:20 am

    i had comcast also and moved to get away from them. i will dance a jig when this company goes under.rotten customer service and worse equipment. charter should by them out and show them how a real communications company works.

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