First Outdoor Shots With The Canon G10

I read all the reviews and finally picked up the Canon G10. All the reviews said the same thing…That using the flash was horrible and taking indoor shots at lower light levels wasn’t the camera’s strong point. They were completely right. Being used to a DSLR, I was a bit disappointed at first. The other thing that all the reviews said was that for outdoor, landscape, and brighter light areas this camera really shined. One person even compared it to a medium format camera, he was joking…kinda.

I almost returned the camera after the taking a ton of inside photos and continuously being disappointed. I figured the best way to solve that was to order a larger flash and shoot with a similar style to my Nikon D70s inside. For $40.00 shipped B & H Photography had a Vivitar DF22 TTL Flash that had enough power for inside photos, but was small enough to not make the camera look funny. It’ll be here at 10:30AM today according to UPS.

Yesterday I did run outside to snap a couple photos, and by run outside I mean hide in my warm car and shoot through the windows. I was much happier with the results and even got a little excited about photography again, which is something that hasn’t happened in awhile. The lack of excitement can also be seen in the number of photos I shot in 2007, compared to 2008. I’m 2007 I shot almost 8000 photos, in 2008…under 3000.

Enough rambling, you can check the two photos out. I’m rather happy with them and I just need to keep telling myself…this isn’t a DSLR, this isn’t a DSLR, this isn’t a DSLR.


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